Fear is a monster within us that deprive us from taking what truly belong to us, fear can also be seen as a defeat, disaster, lack of confidence, low self esteem and it have ruined a lot of relationships, businesses, partnership, friendship, communities and even nations.
Mostly the things you are afraid to do, there lies your opportunities, success and fulfilment in life, be bold to take control of your fears today because if you are afraid to take dominion over your life, you are doomed forever.
Fear will limit your efficacy and performance. E.g. someone is ill or have an illness that no one have told him/her about and he/she still carry out all the daily activities normally without the knowledge that he/she have an illness, curable or incurable but as soon as the doctor or physician disclose the name of the illness to him/her, immediately, fear will now dominate and take possession of his /her mind and instantly the symptom will begin to manifest. As you can see from this scenario, people live better without any bad news or negative information, but as soon as they hear about negative things, their subconsciousness  begin to grow out of proportion and they  become the reality of their own fear.





Be careful what you allow to dominate your thought because it will soon become your reality, the word “fear” have destroyed and even kill more people than you can imagine globally, this epidemic called fear have destroyed a lot of marriages, union, relationship, friendship, partnership, business ideas, business ventures, careers, visions/dreams and what ever you can think of, fear of the unknown have make so many people end up in abject poverty, limit themselves and their abilities. Fear is not real, is false and is a killer of destiny, so beware of fear of the unknown is an enemy to your progress.





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